About Us

A provider of customised protection and specialised security solutions.

More than two decades
in business

Lateral Solutions started operating from Durban, South Africa, in 1998, in response to rising concerns about a dramatic increase in violent crime across the country. Our initial goal was to carve a niche for ourselves in the local market before expanding internationally to offices in UAE, UK and USA.

We offer recognised and bespoke protection services to our exclusive clients and their assets.

Drawing upon a wealth of skill sets and expertise gained within international specialised military and law enforcement communities, coupled with private sector partnerships, we provide specialised service offerings tailored for our clients’ unique requirements.

Our access to a specialised and varied skills base enables us to assist in tackling a broad spectrum of security challenges, and in doing so, provide our clients with peace of mind across our range of services.

Providing Close Protection Services to a host of clients including international Blue-Chip organisations, Hollywood celebrities, politicians, company executives and high-net-worth individuals, the needs of our clients are attended to with uncompromising professionalism together with the utmost discretion at all times.

We have handled and taken custody of high-value assets from source to destination with a faultless track record.

Protecting People and Businesses Since 1998

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Our operations spans multiple countries across three continents, encompassing both permissive and non-permissive environments.

In addition to our core protection services, such as Close Protection and High-Value Asset Protection, we have also excelled in providing comprehensive security for high-profile events, both locally and internationally.

Our offerings extend beyond protection services. We specialise in delivering customised training solutions in support of multi-dimensional security operations.

At Lateral Solutions, we take pride in our competitive advantage of tailoring customized protection solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. We invite you to get in touch with us to discuss your unique security concerns and requirements. Our team is dedicated to working closely with you to devise the most effective and efficient security strategies to address your concerns and provide you with peace of mind.

Customised Protection Solutions

Lateral Solutions provides customised Close Protection & related services across the globe.

  • Discreet Close Protection
  • High-value Asset Protection
  • Security Consulting
  • Event Security
  • Medical Support
  • Tactical Training