International Protection Consultants

Customised Protection Solutions for an Interconnected Globe


With over two decades of expertise, we specialise in providing personalised protection solutions that ensure the utmost security for corporate individuals and high-value assets.

Close Protection

Discreet Close Protection Services covering Low-profile through to High-risk Assignments.

High-value Asset Protection

Tailored High-Value Asset Transport & Protection Solutions.

Specialised Training

Basic & Advanced Training Solutions to support Multi-dimensional Security Operations.

Our dedicated team, empowered with a variety of skill sets, excels in delivering expert guidance, seamless implementation, and proactive management. Ensuring a level of security that provides client peace of mind.

Creating a Global Footprint

Lateral Solutions started operating from Durban, South Africa, in 1998 in response to rising concerns about a dramatic increase in violent crime across the country. To date, we have expanded our operational capacities in our efforts to create a global footprint.

With offices in South Africa, UAE, UK and USA, Lateral Solutions has a strong international footprint and has operational experience and capacity that spans the globe. Having conducted security operations in over 30 different countries across four continents.

While discreet Close Protection & High-Value Asset Protection for a varied client base form part of our operating mandate, our expertise encompasses a variety of skills to mitigate most security challenges.

Event Security

Security Services relating to High-profile Special Events.

Medical Support

Deployment of Medical Personnel in support of Security Operations on multiple levels.

Security consulting

Advice and implementation of Professionally Tailored Risk-mitigation Solutions.

A Competitive Advantage

We have a competitive advantage in tailoring and providing customised protection & training solutions and we encourage you to contact us to discuss your unique security concerns and requirements.

We take great pride in our cutting-edge training facility
located in Cape Town, South Africa.

At THE HIVE, we offer a unique approach to education that combines practical experience with collaborations with internationally renowned subject matter experts. Our aim is to deliver top-quality instruction that caters to individuals, corporations, and government clients from around the globe.

25+ Years Hands-on Industry Experience

Drawing upon a wealth of skill sets and expertise gained within specialized military and law enforcement communities across the globe, coupled with private sector partnerships.